Kolansky, S. Kalman

S. Kalman Kolansky (MD, DLFAPA)

Psychiatry Residency Associate Program Director

S. Kalman Kolansky, MD, DLFAPA is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine, 1965. He provides education and supervision in child and adolescent psychiatry and development throughout the four years of residency. Dr. Kolansky completed his psychiatry residency at Kings County Hospital, Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY, and Child Psychiatry Fellowship Training at Hahnemann Medical School and Hospital Philadelphia, PA. He is a Teaching Psychoanalyst at the Washington Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University School of Medicine. He is the recipient of the Irma Bland Teaching Award from the American Psychiatric Association, and the Edith Sabshin Teaching Award from the American Psychoanalytic Association. He is also a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. His interests include child development pre-school consultation, individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis of children, adolescents, and adults, psychological effects of adoption and foster care on the adoption triad, psychoanalysis and cinema, and psychological trauma through the life cycle. Dr. Kolansky is also in part-time child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry and psychoanalytic practice in Alexandria Va.